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Issues: Education
Education has always been at the pillar of what makes Iowans get out and vote.  And no wonder.  We tell our kids to stay in school because studies show that. . . .
Issues: Jobs
Would you believe that two years after its founding in 2007, 20% of the original members of the Generation Iowa Commission have waved good-bye and left Iowa? 
Ensuring the Iowa Dream starts with a healthy and vibrant discussion. Enjoy the videos from our Iowa Dream Citizen Opinion Leaders as they discuss issues important to them. If you want to join the discussion as an Opinion Leader click here.
Tyler DeHaan
Date: 09-10-10
Johanna Kittelson
Date: 10-15-10
Josiah	Kazan
Date: 10-12-10
Christian Fong
Date: 09-20-10
Brett Roberts
Date: 10-12-10
Mary Cownie
Date: 06-04-10
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