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About The Iowa Dream Project

Who We Are
Iowans committed to engaging the Next Generation in an authentic discussion of ideas, solutions and outcomes to restore the Iowa Dream. While the Iowa Dream is different for every Iowan, we believe the core foundations of having access to a superior education, access to a good paying job and the opportunity to live in vibrant, healthly communities are everyone’s dream.

Our Mission
Iowa needs a new conservative revolution to restore access to the Iowa Dream for future generations. The Iowa Dream project will promote conservative solutions to tackle the challenges in education, economic development and community renewal. We will organize and activate Iowa’s Next Generation of conservative thinkers, opinion leaders and "doers" to make permanent change in Iowa’s landscape. Together we can restore the Iowa Dream.

Our Goals

  • Iowa must get back to #1 in the nation in education results and innovation, reversing a slide toward mediocrity.
  • Iowa must reverse the Brain Drain trend, through both urban and rural growth. Iowa can be the midwest's premier place to live, work and play.
  • Growing Iowa paychecks must be a pillar of our economic development. That means lower taxes, less government intrusiveness and higher quality jobs with higher pay.
  • Increasing the civic engagement of young Iowans, with an increased voter turnout of 5% by young Iowans.

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